DrunkDeer Antler | Guide To DrunkDeer's Driver Software

DrunkDeer Antler | Guide To DrunkDeer's Driver Software


Note: The driver is in beta version and basic functions are functioning normally, but there may still be somer bugs. If the driver requests to update the firmware version of the keyboard, please click 'allow' to upgade the firmware for proper functionality. If any issues occur, please contact us for support.

Download Link: Download Windows Driver


DrunkDeer Antler Software - Features


Keyboard Profiles

    Creating profiles is smooth and simple with DrunkDeer Antler, in the left column you can click the ‘+’ button to create new profiles. You can set different profiles according to your need. You may set a profile for work, and a profile for game. You can also import existing profile to the software to be used by your keyboard.


    Change Keyboard Sensitivity

      Use Antler to set the actuation distance per-key, you can change the sensitivity of the keyboard, just like changing sensitivity of a mouse.


      Personalized RGB light effect

        DrunkDeer's A75 has several built-in RGB light effect, which you may change it using 'Fn2 + Right'. You may customize your own light effect through Antler, which brings you more fun when you type and play games.