About Us

Unleash Your Potential

Who DrunkDeer Is?

We’re a group of guys making keyboards which can help
you unleash your potential, boost gaming performance and breakthrough your limits.

This keyboard may be the KEY to breakthrough

When other conditions and competitive levels are comparable,
The latency difference of a few milliseconds, the active/reset gap of a few tenths of a millimeter may be the key to victory.


Founded in 2018, DrunkDeer is determined to be a pioneer and a good companion when exploring the new world of mechanical keyboards.

After continuous development, adjustable magnetic switch research was completed in December 2022, making mass production possible.

Registered in the New Territories of Hong Kong, DrunkDeer Limited, backed by a keyboard manufacturer with 10 years of experience, directly provides high quality keyboards to all over the world.

The keyboards we’re building may be the key to help you to the next level.

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